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Cardiac radioablation webinar

Webinar Topic: Cardiac radioablation: An introduction, an overview, and how medical physicists could help shape its future

Tuesday, 7th September 2021 at 11 am GMT

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Organizer: Eva Bezak
Moderator: Eva Bezak

Speaker: Suzy Lydiard, ACRF ImageX Institute, University of Sydney

Suzy Lydiard is a part-time PhD student at the ACRF ImageX Institute, University of Sydney, supervised by Prof. Paul Keall.Her PhD is investigating cardiac radioablation for atrial fibrillation, a new and developing non-invasive treatment alternative for the most common sustained cardiac arrhythmia. Her work is specifically evaluating the feasibility of an MRI-guided treatment on an MRI-Linac using non-invasive target tracking and MLC tracking. Suzy is also working as a clinical Radiation Oncology Medical Physicist at the Kathleen Kilgour Centre, New Zealand.

Presentation Overview: Cardiac radioablation has rapidly grabbed the attention of both clinicians and academics after stellar initial clinical results. Cardiac radioablation has the potential to advance and expand the clinical care available to those suffering from certain cardiac arrhythmias and is already being implemented within clinical trials globally. There are exciting and abundant opportunities for medical physicists and academics to help progress cardiac radioablation technologies and advance cardiac radioablation knowledge in order to make this treatment mainstream and accessible to those patients in need. This presentation will describe the clinical drivers for cardiac radioablation, discuss the challenges cardiac radioablation brings to radiotherapy, summarize the technology approaches currently utilized in clinical cardiac radioablation treatments, and identify potential research and development opportunities