Dear colleagues,

Every radiotherapy department has had to deal in one way or another with the Covid-19 pandemic. This has been a multi-disciplinary effort, however there are some aspects which are specific to the physicists working in the department.
A survey has been developed by the ESTRO Physics Committee with the aim to gather the lessons learned in radiotherapy physics during the Covid-19 pandemic of 2020. The results will be used for a symposium at ESTRO 2021 in Madrid.

We want to gather all experiences (good and poorer) from all physicists working in radiation oncology, so multiple physicists can answer from the same institution.

To participate this survey. Please access the
link here

It would be helpful if you can answer the questions as fully as possible, however no question is mandatory. The questions have been divided into sections on demographics, organisation of the department, changes in practice, morale and mental health and impact for the future. There are 39 questions in total and most are tick box responses

Many thanks,

The ESTRO physics committee