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My name is Ahmad Nobah, I am a medical physicist working in the field of radiotherapy and the initiator of the international radiotherapy plan competition and the Radiation Knowledge initiative, which aims at sharing the best planning skills for better radiotherapy plan qualities.

In 2016, we have initiated an international radiotherapy plan competition, it was a success story, as close to 400 planners participated from 55 countries worldwide. This competition was followed by knowledge sharing live-webinars per TPS, presented by the top score planners, to share their thinking methodologies. The videos are shared on our YoutTube channel, which has reached 4150 views so far.

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2017 International Radiotherapy Plan Competition

In 2017, we have started a new initiative called Radiation Knowledge, which is a cloud base platform that aims at improving the quality and sharing the practical knowledge of all applications in radiation in medical field. We have started with radiotherapy planning, and gradually we will go to other fields.


2017 Radiotherapy Plan Competition - Good news ;)

  • Our competition will be presented through a 90 minute talk in the IAEA major conference, the ICARO-2, which will be held this year in Vienna.
  • The above 90 min talk will share the proceedings of the initiative and announce the results and the top planners
  • The number of participants after 7 days of opening the registration reached 460 planners from many countries worldwide, there are new countries have joined us this year, this is really encouraging !


Things Planners need to know

  • The case for this year will be H&N-Nasopharynx case
  • The registration is open now until March 18, 2017.
  • When you register, you will receive a confirmation page on our website right after submitting
  • The Dataset package of the competition will be ready , registered planners will be notified when it is ready
  • The Dataset package will be available to download from our website around February 22, 2017 (The Expected Start Date)
  • For more details about the 2017 competition and the Radiation Knowledge initiative, and to register in our competition please visit


Help Us in Spreading The Word

We would like to invite the French Society of Medical Physics to share this competition with the  medical physics society members to join us in this knowledge sharing event and register in our 2017 international plan competition through our website

In the 2016 Plan competition, French physicists have proved to be the best, the first and fifth rank were from France, As can be seen from our 2016 website. Also France was the largest country in Europe participating in our event, we are so happy to have more French physicists with us :)

Kindly find the banner of our competition attached to this email.

Thank you for your time

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Ahmad Nobah, M.Sc., DABR

Medical Physicist

Radiation Physics Section

Biomedical Physics Department

King Faisal Specialist Hospital & Research Centre

MBC 03 P. O. Box 3354

Riyadh 11211 , Saudi Arabia

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