You are a medical physicist in radiology aiming for practically useful professional development?
You want to broaden and/or deepen your knowledge in medical physics applications?
You want to become a medical physics expert (MPE)?

Our goal is to make you an expert in medical physics in radiology. Don't miss this unique opportunity to boost your career!

After the successful first round of course modules in 2015-2016, the course of EUTEMPE-RX are now repeated. By combining interactive, small group teaching with an online teaching platform, high quality education is achieved. Online teaching open prior to the face-to-face course and allows you to process this part of the information wherever and whenever you like. During the face-to-face part, you enjoy high quality teaching with peers in the instutition of the module leader. Enjoy this face of Europe!

Register on our website,, or recommend your best students or co-workers to do so. We obviously welcome participants from all-over the world. International networking with peers in the domain is included in the total experience.